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ESC – European Shippers' Council

What is a Shipper?

Shippers represent the owner of goods being transported by any mode of transport, whether consignors (the traditional meaning of shipper) or consignee.

The definition of shipper has changed in line with the nature of international trade and transport: in today’s global economy shippers may contract third party logistics providers or freight forwarders to procure and manage their freight shipments; they will be responsible for arranging and managing that contract. (more…)

What does ESC do?

The Council represents the vast majority of goods distributed by sea, road, rail, inland waterways and air. ESC, based in Brussels, acts as the “eyes and ears” for its member organisations – the national shippers’ councils – in respect of EU legislative activity. Equally it functions as the mouth-piece for shippers in Brussels. It has the dual role of gathering and feeding back vital intelligence on current and future EU policy developments and directly lobbying for ESC positions vis-à-vis the European institutions. It does this in close co-operation with its members.

GSA at Intermodal Asia 2015

A delegation of GSA was present at Intermodal Asia in Shanghai on March 25th 2015. They presented the first ever Shippers’ Panel at an Intermodal Fair, placing shippers center stage. The panel addressed the specific needs and requirements of shippers in international transport regarding service levels and pricing, especially in maritime and airfreight transport as well as trade facilitation issues.

The panel consisted of Mr. Sunny Ho, executive director of the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council, Mr. Paiboon Ponsuwara, special advisor to the Thai National Shippers’ Council and Mr. Chaischan Chareonsuk, secretary general of the Thai National Shippers’ Council. Joost Sitskoorn, special envoy of the European Shippers’ Council chaired the panel.


Global Shippers’ Alliance (GSA) formed


Surabaya, Indonesia, Wednesday March 18th

The European Shippers’ Council (ESC), The Asian Shippers’ Association (ASA) and the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) today signed a memorandum of understanding underlining their cooperation in the field of air freight, maritime transport and trade facilitation. By joining forces, they formed the Global Shippers’ Alliance, to represent shippers’ interests worldwide.


ESC present at the IATA World Cargo Symposium

On a yearly basis, IATA organizes the World Cargo Symposium.  In this week’s meeting, tracks, presentations and networking break, 1200 leaders of the Air Cargo Industry gathered in one venue. For this year, it will be in Shanghai, China.  A specific group in the air cargo supply chain is in absence during the event, the customer/ the shipper.

The ESC is welcomed by IATA, the regulators and the air cargo professionals as their representation. On Monday, there was an invite only meeting on the future of cargo. The ESC highlighted to the industry that they should start to communicate with their final customers which are the shippers, regarding what are their needs and wishes. E-freight and cloud or system to system data exchanges should replace old fashioned paper-based processes.


Rail sector confirms support for ambitious targets of 2011 Transport White Paper

Strasbourg, 11 March – Four years after the publication of the latest Transport White Paper, the rail sector confirms its support for the ambitious environmental and modal shift targets set by the European Commission in 2011 and calls on policy makers to take further steps to reach them. This was the main message put forward by CER and UNIFE at a Rail Forum Europe dinner held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 11 March, in the context of the ongoing stocktaking review of the 2011 Transport White Paper that was recently launched by the European Commission.


ESC’s participation in Asia -March 2015

Joint meeting ESC, Asian and American shippers.

 On March 17-18 there will be a meeting of the majority of Asian national shippers’ councils hosted by the Indonesian shippers’ council (INSC) in Surabaya, Indonesia.

The Asian shippers’ councils will sign an agreement bringing together all interests of Asian shippers’, thus forming the Asian Shippers’ Association (ASA).


INTERMODAL ASIA 24-26 March 2015 Shanghai

Intermodal Asia 2015.docx







On behalf of the organisers of the INTERMODAL ASIA 2015, we would like to invite you to attend the exhibition and conference this coming March 24 to 26, 2015

Joost Sitskoorn is representing the European Shippers’ Council  and  will be the chairperson for 2 panel sessions during the event:


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