eBay Seller Impacts – How Hard is it For Online Sellers?


Sellers required to use new payment processor, as ebay is dropping Paypal for this function

The eBay change is taking place gradually but the impact to the sellers is very great. One of the first areas being affected is the payment processor. This has an indirect impact on eBay as a whole. The change allows for more flexibility and convenience to the buyers who can shop any time, day or night. However, the sellers will not benefit directly but indirectly.


The eBay seller impact is mainly on the monthly payment fees. These fees have been increasing for years and it now stands at almost $15. The new system will allow the buyers to pay through PayPal or Click bank without any fees. This will provide the ease and comfort to the seller but will also change the whole transaction process on eBay.


As far as the merchants are concerned, the eBay seller impact is mainly on the merchant account options. With the changing payment processor, it is now impossible for them to charge their customers any fees for their services anymore. There will be no more fees for the account and the customers won’t have to pay anything extra for the shopping cart. This means that the seller will be able to process the payment with no hassle. The merchant account options available for the eBay sellers have become simpler and easier with the recent update.


On the other hand, the buyers have also been hit with the eBay seller impact. They have to spend more money in their accounts as they need to pay for the increased payments fees. It has also changed the way they do their shopping as they have to pay extra charges if they want to have several items listed at one time. Therefore, this might be the reason why the most online shoppers are using other shopping sites aside from eBay.


This doesn’t mean that the online sellers don’t have to take care of their business. They have to. They can still make the necessary changes so that their business functions smoothly. This is very important to their success because they might be losing a lot of sales with the bad merchant account policies implemented by eBay. If these sellers would start looking for better deals in other market places, they might be able to save their businesses.


These two sides of the transaction have caused a great change in the lives of many sellers. In the long run, it might be good for both of them. However, there are still ways for the online sellers to survive the seller impact and retain their reputation. This can be done by making sure that they always have the lowest prices when they are competing with other retailers in the same niche.
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